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Excellent Combination!

  “Excellent Combination”   .  Creating workouts with the proper balance is not to be taken lightly or dismissed.  Each workout I design has a purpose.  The purpose may be endurance, strengthening, intervals, or complete muscle exhaustion.  A successful workout is when a client gets the full benefit of that purpose and knowing the design… Read more »

Resistance Band Workout

  This workout will hit all the major muscle groups with a specific focus on back and shoulders. Most of the moves are small concentrated moves  which focus on specific muscle groups while using the entire body for stability and balance. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of resistance bands.  Bands are convenient and can provide… Read more »

Shoes That Help With Strength Training

Strength training is not just for athletes who want to be strong on the playing field. Strength training is for anyone who wants to maintain a strong body.   Due to the fact that you’ll be lifting weights and working predominately with your leg muscles, you want to make sure your shoes fit properly and… Read more »

Tips For Better Nutrition When Dieting

With the summer season right around the corner, the one item that is on everyone’s mind is being beach body ready.   Your work begins sending out mass mailers for The Biggest Loser competition at the office, people are requesting time off for vacations and tanning salons are advertising specials on the radio left and… Read more »

Stretches That You Can Do In The Office To Keep Limber

Do you have the standard 9 to 5 job where you are stuck at a desk all day long?   Sometimes a trip to the water cooler just doesn’t do your body justice when you need to stretch out your legs or back.   We recommend following some of the suggestions below so you can… Read more »

Strength Training With A Personal Trainer

When exercising, many people engage in a lot of cardio, which is wonderful for keeping your heart rate up and supports a healthy heart.   The common misconception about strength training is that it bulks up the muscles in the body. This is, in fact, untrue.   So what exactly is strength training and why… Read more »