Do You Go To The Gym Every Day? Change It Up & See Results!

For most of us, it is easy to get into a routine.   Many of us wake up every morning, go to work, head to the gym after work and then go home and head to bed, only to do it again the next day.   After a while, that can become very boring, which… Read more »

Strength Training With A Personal Trainer

When exercising, many people engage in a lot of cardio, which is wonderful for keeping your heart rate up and supports a healthy heart.   The common misconception about strength training is that it bulks up the muscles in the body. This is, in fact, untrue.   So what exactly is strength training and why… Read more »

Hot Weather Excellent for Training

With hotter weather sweeping much of the east coast these past couple weeks, many regular athletes may find themselves laying off the training lately. But the longer the hot weather remains for many, the harder it will be for them to get back into shape. Also, there are plenty of measures you can take to… Read more »

Shin Splints: The Bane of Athletics

For many new runners, shin splints are commonplace. Characterized with excessive, dull soreness in the general vicinity- as oppose to a sharp, targeted site- shin splints could be debilitating. They are essentially a direct result of increased intensity in activity level, tiring muscles too quickly to properly absorb shock. But there are a plenty of… Read more »

Differences between Activity & Exercise Deep & Wide

Everyday we engage in physical activity.  Any movement involving muscle contraction is classified as physical activity. This includes everything we do throughout the day involving movement from the moment we get out of bed in the morning until we lay down at night. Everything composing your daily routine from housework, gardening, walking and climbing stairs… Read more »


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