Preparing For Grocery Shopping day

Grocery shopping happens once a week in our house.  Saturday morning starts with a run on the beach, then its off to the grocery store.  Our weekly trip to Lucky’s Market  makes it fairly easy to shop healthy.  Going with a list and knowing what my meal prep will consist of is essential.  Just buying… Read more »

Excellent Combination!

  “Excellent Combination”   .  Creating workouts with the proper balance is not to be taken lightly or dismissed.  Each workout I design has a purpose.  The purpose may be endurance, strengthening, intervals, or complete muscle exhaustion.  A successful workout is when a client gets the full benefit of that purpose and knowing the design… Read more »

Where the day takes you isn’t happen-chance, rather, happen-choice

Where life takes you, or better said, where you take life, is not coincidence or Happen-Chance.  Where we  end up is completely the result of the roads we choose to travel.  These choices can be as monumental as what City you choose to live in and as seemingly insignificant as texting a friend just to… Read more »

Best Sleep Habits

Get up and go to bed at the same time.  Your body has a regular rhythm and it is best to allow your body to function how it expects. Don’t eat before going to bed; make your last meal at least 2 hours before sleep.  Sleeping is for rejuvenation and repair.  Waking hours is time… Read more »

We are all human and need support

We are all human and need support to battle our weaknesses but some are better than others to acknowledge this fact. Admitting you need support is hard but when you do and move forward, great things happen.                                    … Read more »

Caffeine and your workout

Athletes have long used caffeine to improve performance. Prior to 2004, caffeine was banned by the International Olympic Committee. It was in the late 1970’s the focus brought on studies on the  improved effect on endurance from small amounts of caffeine. At high intensity bouts or exercise, 10% to 20% improvements in endurance have been… Read more »

Resistance Band Workout

  This workout will hit all the major muscle groups with a specific focus on back and shoulders. Most of the moves are small concentrated moves  which focus on specific muscle groups while using the entire body for stability and balance. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of resistance bands.  Bands are convenient and can provide… Read more »

Dairy Free Milk Calcium for Weightloss Increasing calcium intake can be an important ingredient if weight loss is your goal. But calcium from a pill versus calcium from food sources have a different effect. This brings me to my conversation about Dairy-free milk. Choosing coconut milk over almond milk over soy milk is only the beginning. The bottom line in… Read more »

New year new me

New Year New me.  what it takes to make a change   Starts with a BIG goal and a pad of paper Step one – Write  the goal down; do it justice; write it big and bold. Step two – Write down a daily task that you can do everyday (simple-non failable) to start the… Read more »